Last known photos of celebrities and historical figures.

The last known photo of Cliff Burton was taken backstage at the Solnahallen arena in Sweden the night of September 26th, 1986. Metallica was headlining a show in front of 2,700 fans supporting their Master of Puppets album.

Later that night after the show the band packed their bus to head to their next show in Copenhagen Denmark and because they didn’t like the sleeping cubicles on their bus drew cards to see who would get the bunks. That night Burton drew the Ace of Spades and got first choice of bunks. He pointed at Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and exclaimed “I want your bunk!” to which Hammett replied “Fine, take my bunk, I’ll sleep up front, it’s probably better up there anyway”.

Around seven am the next morning while the band was sleeping the bus driver lost control and the bus began to skid off the road. The driver tried to prevent the bus from sliding off the road but he over corrected and the bus caught the pavement and rolled over causing Burton be thrown from the bus which then fell on top of him. Cliff Burton was dead at 24.

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